Queens Green Canopy at Orchard Forest School

Over the last couple of weeks children, adults, staff and volunteers have been planting some new locally sourced apple trees, to replace some of the old fallen ones, in honour of the The Queens Green canopy initiative for the Queens Jubilee.

We feel extremely blessed by everyone’s kind and generous  donations which enabled us to purchase these local variety trees from our friends at ‘The Mother Tree’ in Dartington and everything we needed to ensure we give them the best start.

Not only did this enable everyone to be involved in the Queens Green Canopy project, it also provided lots of new learning opportunities from finding worms to learning valuable life skills in planting and lots of discussion points too!

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen, from the making and selling of cakes, money donations, material donations, transport, peoples time and all the prep that went into this.

What a legacy for all those who have contributed in any small way! Being part of this means the orchards will continue to flourish for generations to come.

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