The Apricot Centre

Cultivating Sustainability in lives, livelihoods and the Land

The Apricot Centre aims to create and run a sustainable diverse farm, wellbeing service and business. It recognises that there is a fundamental link between the wellbeing of the soil, food and habitat, and the mental and physical health of the people in and around the farm, making for a wonderful environment for a warm and effective mental health/wellbeing service for children and families.

The Apricot centre is a CIC (not for Profit) founded in 2006 and aims to be financially self-sufficient.


You may be interested in our range of short or longer courses in areas such as as ;sustainable food systems (Biodynamic & Organic Growing, Permaculture Design, Agroforestry, Regenerative Agriculture), wellbeing courses for children, adults, families or communities. and training for therapists and educational professionals (CPD).


The Apricot centre team offer a professional design service for sustainable farms, smallholdings, community gardens and large gardens. We also offer consultancy in areas which complement diversified land-based projects.

Farmable Partnership

The Apricot Centre and Farmable started to work together at the Orchard site. Farmable is an innovative charity who support Veterans, Emergency Service Personnel and their families to resettle after suffering trauma by providing a therapeutic programme of rural skills.

We have been working on clearing and maintaining the orchard site so that young people can access the site for our Root ad Rise wellbeing groups.

We absolutely loved every minute of it! ... We really hope that we can work with you in the future, even if it is just digging holes and clearing brambles!
Service user at Lupton

Root and Rise - Torbay Youth Trust Collaboration

The Apricot Centre’s Root and Rise Project’s aim is to help young people affected by stress, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and mental health issues due to the impact of leaving care, whether that is foster care, adoption placements or children’s homes.

The Project is different in that we actively encourage young people to reconnect with nature, find their voice, rediscover the art of play and become a part of a community of like-minded young people. Whilst helping to improve physical, emotional and mental health, unlike traditional support groups we combine wellbeing activities and therapeutic support in a nature based setting. By working with the young people in this way we not only improve their overall wellbeing but also give them the tools and skills to build resilience and resources so that they are able to help themselves in their emotional and social lives.

The Orchard at Lupton house was chosen for the programme as it is a safe, engaging and healthy space for participants to meet, relationships to be developed and safe to explore the issues affecting their mental health and wellbeing.

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